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‘Writing Essays: what you need to know’ by L E Jenkinson

Writing Essays by L E Jenkinson‘Writing Essays: what you need to know’ has been written by an experienced English teacher, examiner and tutor, who specialises in improving students’ grades with simple steps. The result is a clear, colourful and easy-to-follow guide, packed with existing strategies and innovative ideas presented in a user-friendly way. This guide is appropriate for pupils starting secondary education, GCSE and A-Level, and even pupils applying to University. In addition, it is designed to be cross-curricular, and its tried and tested application gives value to pupils‘ writing in most subject areas. This is a truly effective, basic guide and manual. It won’t confuse you with too much information. It won’t bore you with pages of tiny black-and-white writing. It will tell you how and what to do to improve your work and up your grade, through Key Stages 3 – 5.

Available in: paperback , PDF,  and ePub.

Also available for Amazon Kindle.

For more information on Educational publishing, see the page.

‘Writing Essays’ Educational Posters

At the request of teachers using ‘Writing Essays’ as a textbook, we have created a range of A3 Print-It-Yourself posters for classrooms.
Having investigated print-on-demand poster options, we found that, although the print quality was good, the delivery times were too long the prices too high for the needs of the school and classroom, and instead came up with a solution: low-cost instant-delivery PDF files designed to be printed at school, large enough to be practical, yet at a low cost. You can find the whole range of posters, tackling punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph and essay structure, on Etsy.


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