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‘Swansong’, by Barbara Swanson

Swansong by Barbara SwansonFrom the war-torn streets of London to the exotic shores of the Orient, this is one woman’s extraordinary story: an emotional rollercoaster that sweeps the reader along on a breathless voyage through her turbulent life. Bombs and doodlebugs; cruelty and heartache; sultans, snakes, Sikhs; spies, sailors and ships; ex-pats and alcohol and wild, wild parties; love, betrayal, near-terminal illnesses; an angel, three witches and numerous ghosts – they are all included in this searingly honest, sometimes heartbreaking, often hilarious memoir.

A tale of danger, sorrow and loss, of cruelty and fear, of a great love turned sour, of sickness, suffering and despair, but also a tale of love, kindness and compassion, family, friendship, and the healing power of laughter. Above all, it is a tale of survival, of the constancy of love between a mother and her children, and ultimately of happiness regained.

Available for Amazon Kindle, and soon to be available in other formats.

For more information on publishing Memoir, see the page.


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