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   ‘Death and Stationery’ by L E Jenkinson

Death and Stationery by L E JenkinsonThe way we live is coming to an end. Science is being replaced with Magic. Time is now a commodity, Gods are walking the earth, and the last legal form of racism has in fact been legalised.

Death and Stationery is a collection of almost-tragedies set in a modern and ancient world.

Available in paperback, ePub, Amazon Kindle and iBook (on iTunes).





A story from ‘Death and Stationery’ – ‘Time is Money’ by L E Jenkinson.

Time is Money by L E Jenkinson

Caspar is a dealer. In this time after the Universal Switchover, he deals in a new commodity: Time, which isn’t as plentiful as it seems…

Available in Amazon KindleiBook (on iTunes) and FREE ePub .

For more information on publishing Short Stories, see the publications page.


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