Finding other outlets – using Bublish

Bublish has long been on our Twitter radar. Since Serendipite Studios launched their business of linking readers with eBooks in  2012, ‘Bublish’,  intriguing extracts from unheard-of eBooks have flickered across our Twitter feed. The phrase ‘bublish me’ and new noun ‘bookbubble’ are becoming commonplace among self-published authors.  Now in its beta phase, president Kathy Meis explains why Bublish:

Discovery is a huge problem for writers and readers in today’s crowded, noisy online
book marketplace… Our mission is to help authors and
readers find each other and start effective social conversations around the content of

The idea is beautifully simple: you upload your .epub to the site, select an extract to become public-access, give a brief author bio and upload a pic of yourself, and your ‘bookbubble’ is complete. It’s stunningly easy to use, with a clear interface and few instructions needed. When everything’s done, the option to ‘view as reader’ allows you to see the side-to-side ‘swipe’-style bookbubble viewer, where a reader, again just by signing up simply with an email address and password, can search for books by genre, same author, or at random.

'Swansong' on Bublish

The icing on the cake is the ‘buy now’ button. Bublish allows you to add this function when creating your bookbubble (I mean, why wouldn’t you?), whereby, shortly after publication, a ‘buy this book’ button appears on your bookbubble and, as if by magic, the link takes you to the Amazon selling page for your ebook. I don’t know how this works – I didn’t give it to them, and indeed my extra links from the book bubble link to the publications pages on Blackboard Fiction – but it’s genius, as it completely removes the hesitation from the buyer: they go from ‘hey I like this’ to ‘hey I own this’. With a simple link provided for each bookbubble, and social media sharing buttons on each page, this truly is ‘social book discovery’.

Kathy’s view:

There is no bigger issue facing authors today than discovery. You pour your heart and soul into your manuscript, publish it either traditionally or independently, and enter into a digital marketplace that is absolutely saturated with content. Unless written by a bestselling author, even the highest quality work struggles to rise above the noise. In addition, abundance has pushed the price of content down. Authors now need to write and sell more books over time to make up for this lost income. This requires establishing a long-term relationship with readers who can advocate for you and your work throughout your writing career. In short, today’s transformed book marketplace requires a completely different approach to book promotion, and an innovative new set of tools to be successful. In response to these new realities, we’ve introduced Bublish, the award-winning book discovery and social commerce platform.

The aim of Blackboard Fiction is similar: to provide self-published authors with a ‘publisher’ umbrella to support and help establish them in the market and within a readership.  Bublish is fast-becoming one of our can’t-do-without publishing tools.

Find out how to publish with us and get your own Blackboard Fiction Bublish bookbubble!


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