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‘The Guildmancer Saga: Grave’s End’ by J J R Harris

The first of our novels to be serialised, The Guildmancer Saga: Grave’s End is a fantasy science fiction novel that’s gaining readers.

Find out more at for chapter downloads and exclusive extra content to find out when each Chapter will be published!


“Graves End continues to have something for everyone: from classical references and an expansive fantasy world to cliques and substance based insanity. With the introduction of a character who brings about a whole new view of the title, the story develops a basis for a truly phenomenal adventure. The use of a cult of ‘Mancers’ which have control over dreams, poisons and death, to name a few, is much more refreshing than the system of the usual earth, fire, water elements, and one of my personal favourite components. This book does what all good books should do, and is aided in this by using monthly instalments and weekly add-ons, which is to really make the reader think about what could happen next. This element thoroughly immerses you into the text, making it hard to put down, and leaving you eager for the next instalment.”

“Ends in a cliffhanger, I like that.”

“The prince reminds me a bit of [Game of Thrones’] Renly Baratheon… which is not a bad thing!”

“I loved it. When is Chapter 2 out?!”

“I want to read more.”

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