Back To School – with ‘Writing Essays: what you need to know’

Writing Essays: what you need to know

Writing Essays by L E Jenkinson

If you or anyone you know struggles with writing, punctuation, essay structure or basic exam skills, buy our popular student manual now and help them minimise their confusion to maximise their ability. Full-colour with an easy-to-read layout, this book cuts through the fuss and gets to the important basics straight away, allowing students to do the same.

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‘This book is a must read, for all students who want to improve their essay writing. Easy to read and full of practical advice that really hits the spot, I love this book for its fun and funky modern layout, and its fresh take on the topic of writing essays. Highly recommended for students and teachers of writing everywhere.
‘Buy a complete set for your GCSE class, and help them all pass their exams and learn how to write great essays!’
Sue Cowley
Sue Cowley, 
educational expert and bestselling author

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