About Blackboard Fiction

Welcome to Blackboard Fiction.

The shop

Blackboard Fiction was set up in 2010 by teacher and tutor L E Jenkinson,  originally as a resources website for students. As it then blossomed further, into a self-publishing platform for her own educational resources, others asked for her publishing skills and help, and a publishing house began.

Blackboard Fiction now takes publishing commissions, getting unpublished authors get onto the publishing ladder by acting as a publisher, offering editing, proofreading, formatting and cover design, as well as aspects of marketing and social media. We’re pretty picky: if we really enjoy reading you, we’ll publish you.

If you’re feeling whimsical, have a look around the shop. Otherwise, use the menus to find what you’re looking for.
Alternatively, contact us .

The story of ‘the shop’

There really is a story here, as Blackboard Fiction came entirely from my imagination.

Taking a break from teaching a few years ago, I had decided that I wanted to open a bookshop. Years ago, fresh out of college, I worked in a huge old bookshop in college: original wood shelving, musty basements, staff who’s been there forever, and miles and miles of books. I wanted mine to be all the best bits of all of my favourite bookshops.
But, times were hard, the number of independent bookshops in the UK had halved in the last five years, and being tied down to a money pit seemed the wrong choice for someone in their mid-twenties.
My creativity was itching, and so I found an outlet and built my own, perfect shop – online, virtually. Blackboard Fiction was born. Although I didn’t know quite what I was doing it for, my ‘little shop’ became full of little hidden treasures, secret passages, English resources, and links to buy books. Have a peer around its not-too-musty shelves if you’re feeling whimsical…
Blackboard Fiction Publishing – this website – represents the more serious, businesslike side of Blackboard Fiction, but you can still find my publishing office above the shop if you look hard enough…

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